I first began capturing images on film as a college student while studying engineering many years ago. My introduction to photography occurred when I took a course my senior year and the love affair grew from there over the years. It has evolved to the digital age and the expansive opportunities new technology presents. I am grateful to have many teachers and mentors to thank for my ongoing learning.

I love to capture the feeling in the sky, the emotion in one’s eyes, the innocence in children, the playfulness in pets, the intricate details of an object or the captivating excitement of a city. My goal is to share the beauty I’ve seen and wonders I have experienced through the art of photography. My personal projects are mostly focused on street photography. I sense, anticipate and at times, even empathize as I observe people moving through their day, coming into existence.  My subjects are unaware of observation just as you and I would be when we are taking moments to ourselves, making sense of our existence and determining how, when and why we want to be. I strive to capture the most base human activities of sensing, interpreting, navigating and presenting to the world in the moments between the moments. 

While I'm located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and have clients all over the New England area, I am also available (and love to!) to travel for contract or commissioned work.

Prints of my fine art work are available and if there's something you don't see available, please don't hesitate to reach out. You can contact me via email at [email protected]. You can find my Facebook page at "Jean-Marie Detcher Photography" as well as follow me on Instagram at "detcherphotography" and "jm.streetphotography".